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Flexiprop Australia, is a privately owned company, based in regional New South Wales, Australia.

Backed by industry experience, knowledge, and skills, we are revolutionising the mining, civil and construction, oil and gas, fire and rescue, Government, military, and commercial and domestic industries through the production of a unique range of products that make these industries and workplaces safer and more efficient. Including our new Acrow prop lock.

Our quality design, premium manufacturing and easy to use and source products have rewarded us with a reputable market share that will continue to grow in strength well into the future.

The Flexiprop Australia company is built on integrity, honesty, and the genuine belief in our quality products. We are committed to service, and the desire to build effective customer, staff, and industry relationships.

Flexiprop Australia is a sister company to the proven and successful Custom Mining Products enterprise that has been designing and manufacturing solutions for the mining industry since 2013.

Every product and aspect of the Flexiprop business has been methodically developed through painstaking research, development and testing and is backed by extensive industry consultation and experience.

Flexiprop Prop Locks

Able to be locked out by multiple people through use of a hasp and lock. *Not included

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To be the worldwide leading manufacturer of adjustable prop locks, formwork props, convergence meters and related lock systems for all construction, mining, renewable and rescue industries where safety, ingenuity, usability, and reliability are essential.

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With innovative, practical, and dependable products and solutions we are actively benefiting and improving work safety in the construction, mining,  renewable industries and rescue and defence services - one product and one workplace and worksite at a time

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Partners and Distributors

Flexiprop Australia has a growing suite of investors and distribution partners who have seen the extensive value that the Flexiprop products bring to Australian and global markets.

If you are interested in becoming a Flexiprop investor or distribution partner, please contact us.

Robert Goldspink

Founder and Managing Director of Flexiprop Australia and Custom Mining Products

As an entrepreneur and business owner, with over 39 years of mining experience Rob has an innate understanding of the mining industry, and a unique ability to design specialised mining equipment which he in turn manufactures and sells, delivering effective industry solutions to the mining, construction and civil industries.

Winner of the “Innovation Award” at the 2015 Australian Mining and Prospecting Awards – for a water capture system and the “OHS Product of the Year” for the Duckbill Ejector (underground pallet handling system), Rob is continuously designing and developing innovative products for both Flexiprop Australia and it's sister company Custom Mining Products.

Robert Goldspink standing next to a pole with a Flexiprop Prop Lock.
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