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Adjustable Prop Lock ™

Patented & Registered Design

A quick and easy to use, adjustable locking system for adjustable construction props that guarantees safety, efficiency, and hard-wearing dependability.

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Standard Prop Lock ™

Patented & Registered Design

With a unique expansion joint, the Flexiprop Australia Standard Prop Lock ™ will fit over and ‘lock out’ the most common adjustable construction props.

Flexiprop Australia designs and manufactures innovative, practical, and dependable Acrow prop lock, lock out solutions, adjustable props and movement monitors for all construction, mining, renewable and rescue industries where safety, ingenuity, usability, and reliability are essential.

By identifying key issues, market gaps, and much needed areas of improvement with existing construction and mining support devices, Flexiprop Australia ™ has designed and created a unique suite of quality Australian products. These products focus on providing safe, reliable, and durable support and lock out solutions across a wide range of industries where the safety of workers and the general community are paramount. All products are created in FRAS rated materials with durability and functionality that enables use in a multitude of applications and situations.

Flexiprop Adjustable Prop Lock ™

The Flexiprop Adjustable Prop Lock ™ (pictured) can be locked out by multiple people through use of a hasp and lock. *Not included

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